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New Variant Fears|| The Event That Became A Super Spreader Last Year Is Happening This Year Again

Ballito Rage festival organizers say the festival will go ahead this week, despite concerns over the new Covid-19 Omicron variant.

The festival was set to take place from Tuesday to Monday 6 December, and attendees would be expected to comply with strict Covid-19 protocols, said Darren Sandras, a spokesperson for the event organizers.

Last year's festival turned into a super spreader event and saw several Covid-19 infections among staff and attendees. More than 840 people at the event tested positive for Covid-19, News24 previously reported. Shortly after, all other Rage Festival events were postponed.

Ballito Rage defends itself that has all available Covid-19 safety precautions in place, well beyond those mandated by the government and advised by their highly skilled Covid-19 team.

They say they'll rely on information, guidelines, and mandates from the government and the national and local departments of health relating to Covid-19. Any changes that may be communicated or required will be affected as needed.

At this year's event, all attendees and staff must be fully vaccinated and show digital proof of vaccination. These would be verified before entry was allowed, said Sandras.

In addition, two Rapid Antigen tests would be required during the festival for guests and staff, one on the first day of arrival and one on the third day of attendance.

They claim to have further mandated that a negative Covid-19 test must be presented by every guest on arrival at the festival. Thereafter, all testing data will be sent to the Department of Health daily by their task team in support.

Sandra previously told News24 that the event organizers were devastated that some attendees at the previous event had contracted the virus despite all efforts before and during the festival.

It's heartbreaking to see event organizers being arrogant and risking the lives of other people in the name of making money. The results of this event will lead to another catastrophe like what happened last year. Making money is nice but to risk other people's lives it's another story.

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