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OPINION - Tips to do after waking up after dreaming of eating

What to do after waking up from an eating dream.

First thing,when you wake up say some rough words. Whatever was feeding you is probably still around. Tell it to never, ever do that again. Make threats.

Following up, if you live near the sea drink a cup of sea water with periperi and garlic. It will have a laxative effect.

You have to speak over the water.state your reasons for making the mixture and what it should do when it gets inside the body then drink up. Salt water will also do just fine if there is no seawater.

If you have activated charcoal, mix with some water and drink up. In medine, activated charcoal is used on patients who are poisoned. Dreaming eating is also a poison. Do the same as above,speak over it then drink up.

If it feels like something is stuck in the throat,its best to drink a laxative that will take that thing down. Remember,some are animal parts.

During that whole witching process they may take a part of an animal. Even if the animal is dead, they use the spiritual essence so the animal will feel like it is alive inside .which is why some people may feel something moving like a snake or something.

If there is no physical manifestation of the dreaming eating in the chest area,cleansing might be safe. One may use alum stone, mix with some water, drink,let it settle for about 15 minutes then cleanse with some warm water.

Cleanse can also be done using the salt water mixture. Same instruction,drink and allow to settle then cleanse .

These are best done immediately after waking up so the dliso does not have a chance to settle.

One may still need to see a healer though because these things are cooked up with some hectic herbs, the first aid alone may not be enough in severe cases.

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