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Research Shows Hangover Cures That Actually Work

17 January 2022

While it is common knowledge that the best cure of a hangover is not drinking at all, sometimes it is nearly impossible to not get tempted into having that glass of wine after a long day or a cold glass of beer, however, as the saying goes, one glass calls the other and before you know it, an entire bottle could be finished. (Image: Pouring A Glass Of Wine)

When the morning comes you are dawned by instant regret and symptoms like fatigue, feeling weak, thirst and sweating. These all some of the symptoms that might indicate that you drank excessively the previous night and you are experiencing a hangover. (Image: A person going through a terrible hangover )

While going through a hangover might be bad, the worst part about it is when you try cures that you found from the internet and they don't work. Fortunately a study has been made by reviewing 21 alleged cures for hangovers and out of the 21 only 3 cures seemed to be effective in curing a hangover. The cures are clove extract, tolfenamic and pyritinol.


(Image: Clove Plant)

Because of the clove plant's properties, it is believed that if you extract clove from the plant and ingest it, it can help speed up the process of eliminating alcohol out of your system, not only does it make it faster to get over a hangover, it also decreases the severity of the symptoms that come with a hangover.


The second potential cure of a hangover is tolfenamic acid. Tolfenamic acid comes in different forms, sometimes in liquid form and there are also tablets. It is advised that for it to be effective, you have to take it before and after you drink. Tolfenamic acid is primarily used to cure headaches and nausea, therefore it comes as no surprise on how it could be effective at minimizing the severity of a hangover.


(Image: Pyritinol Chemical Structure)

Pyritinol is basically Vitamin B and these can be easily found at any pharmacy. Vitamin B basically helps you overcome fatigue, which is one of the most severe symptoms of a hangover because if you don't have energy you can't get anything done.

Another way is to just drink water and stay hydrated. Do you have any personal cures that have helped you get through a hangover? Share in the comment section, like and follow my page for more content.


Content created and supplied by: Sibuyiselo (via Opera News )


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