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(Opinion) I Wish They Could Roll Out Job Opportunities Like They do With The Vaccines

So earlier today the administration of president Cyril Ramaphosa has approved the vaccination plan for all adults citizens in the land, this means that the youth and young adults from the ages of 18 to 35 can now be vaccinated starting from tomorrow. This is absolutely a brilliant idea on paper and of course the South African government might even be celebrated by international organizations such as the United Nations (UN), and the World Health Organisation (WHO) and I am most certain that Cyril Ramaphosa will even receive an international award for this in the near future.

In the past couple of days and months the South African government has been campaigning day and night as they created visual and digital workshops, and webinars that focus on the content of vaccination and the vaccination roll out. I have never seen the South African government being this active when it comes to a plan they initiated, usually the SA government would initiate impressive plans and then they would fail to deliver the service they fail dismally.

The collaborative effort that has been made by the Cyril Ramaphosa administration must be commended when it comes to the fight against the coronavirus and the vaccination roll out plans and education plans that are about vaccines, on various occasions the South African government has said it again and again that they are against fake news that are being perpetuated by some people through social media platforms and in some media platforms. There are other social ill that South Africa is faced with besides the Coronavirus, one of which being unemployment.

I wish they could roll out job opportunities like the way they do with vaccines, every day and almost to every radio station and on social media platforms there are ads that have been pasted all over that speak about vaccinations and the coronavirus, why can't the same energy be used by the administration of Cyril Ramaphosa when it comes to job opportunities that are available in government? There's millions of young people who are unemployed today and they are frustrated by the situation they are currently in and this is not good at all.

We need more young people who should be given job opportunities, and its not as if like South Africa does not have people who are educated or skilled, its just that they are unemployed. We see on various social media platforms when young people standing besides traffic lights with their graduation gowns, and with boards asking for employment. Can the South African government please support young people with permanent job opportunities? Can we see the same energy like the way they are dong with vaccinations? We need job opportunities.

(Source: Sowetan)

Content created and supplied by: Sandile_Mlangeni (via Opera News )

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