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Did Ramaphosa lie To South Africans Concerning the Vaccine: see Here


When Ramaphosa was trying to convince South Africans to take the vaccine he promised them that noone will be forced to take the vaccine but it seems tables have turned .In his last adress Ramaphosa said that vaccine passports are in implementation .After vaccine passport are out people wont be allowed to enter certain places without the passport.

South Africans are angry that Ramaphosa lied to them again .Vaccine passports will be more like the passports people had during apartheid.People wont be allowed to travel to certain places without the vaccine passports.You wont be allowed to go to public places like stadiums , restaurants, and even use of public transport will not be allowed if you dont have the passport.

Black people fought so hard to be free from that inhuman act but now Ramaphosa is taking us back there by force .Most South Africans revealed that it reminds them of Apartheid and thats not something anyone wants to remember because it was a painful time .South Africans must not allow this to happen .Other countries are protesting and fighting for their rights and South Africa must join in and and refuse the vaccine passports.

Ramaphosa has proven that he is really a dishonest president who would lie in order to get everything he wants .South Africans are even promising that they would not vote for the ANC if he is still the President because its clear he would sell out black people for anything.

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