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OPINION | Mandatory vaccinating ? It will never work because we still have human rights

Things are going to be real crazy I'm telling you, It was clear from the start that things will end up this way. One way or the other people will be forced to vaccinate against their free will. Yet we will still hear that no one is forced to take vaccine against their free will. How is the vaccine going to protect anyone if it doesn't work on the new variant? by the way It's our constitutional right not to get vaccinated, I still wonder how they are going to get past thatCyril doesn't know his people, or probably suffering from amnesia, you can not force a South African to do something by force, he seems to forget fast. You will see war in this country for taking peoples human rights away, surely you should know by now that you cant force a South African to do anything. No we have rights and I'm not going to allow human right be taken away. AfriForum we know you work day and night when you do your job so please again, help the nation or we will fight till our last breath, because we are not kids and you cant force people to do what suits your wallets. Let the citizens have their own choice if you paying their bond, rent, putting food on their table and paying for their kids studies you dictate but you not, so make do with our tax that's supporting your families and leave the citizens alone. Ramaphosa must fall but before he falls physically, he must fall spiritual, pray for his downfall first and it will become more easier physical. This reminds me of something but Cyril, do you not learn? Was the riots not enough, don't you know how they rioted overseas because of forced vax? The same will happen here and it will be on your head. Will you feed the starving from your own pocket due to total economical collapse, caused by riots because you want to force the jab

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