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Worst and Best places to be during COVID-19

Most of the world is now living alongside Covid-19, with the omicron variant penetrating parts of the globe that avoided the worst of the early pandemic, triggering record waves in places like New Zealand and Taiwan.

In Europe and North America, while life has largely normalized, there’s still a constant stream of Covid fatalities—especially in the US and UK.

The ability to open up with low levels of death is why Norway retains the No. 1 position in Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking for a third month. A 91% vaccination rate in adults has helped the Nordic country keep its fatality rate low, despite a consistently circulating virus.

Ireland comes in second in May, while Denmark overtakes the United Arab Emirates for third as it emerges from an omicron-fueled wave.

RANKCHANGEECONOMYBLOOMBERG RESILIENCE SCOREVACCINE DOSES PER 100LOCKDOWN SEVERITYFLIGHT CAPACITYVACCINATED TRAVEL ROUTES1–Norway83.4210.111-3.8%436.52–Ireland81219.711-6.6%436.53▲1Denmark80.622711-19.1%436.54▲2Netherlands79.8208.415-11.7%437.55▼2UAE79.5267.830-8%435.56▲13South Korea79.1241.814-52%435.57▲9Canada78.6224.624-20.3%434.58▼1Switzerland77.7182.416-19.7%436.59▼4Sweden77.7215.511-29.2%436.510▼2Saudi Arabia77.1186.827-12.1%433.511▲14Israel76.519715-21.8%434.512▼3Singapore76.1247.234-52.8%43613▼3Belgium75.822021-16%436.514▼2U.K.75.8213.113-17.4%436.515▼2Chile75.8284.625-16%434.516▲12Colombia75.6168.81928.4%434.517▲1France75.5226.619-13.8%436.518▼1Finland75.1217.527-33.9%436.519▲5Germany75216.221-26.4%435.520▼9Spain74.8215.428-6.9%436.5

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Note: Latest data as of May 25, 2 p.m. Hong Kong time. Flight Capacity and Vaccinated Travel Routes metrics were introduced in June 2021, whereas the Positive Test Rate indicator was phased out in February 2022. See more here.

The U.S. falls one rung to No. 31 of the 53 places scored amid a resurgence in cases, with daily infections surpassing 100,000 in late May, up from a low of 30,000 in March. The U.K. slides two spots to No. 14, with its Total Deaths per 1 Million among the worst of major developed economies.

Russia comes in last at 53rd, weighed down by low Flight Capacity and the weakest GDP growth outlook in the lineup—both largely due to its invasion of Ukraine. The country’s vaccine rollout has also stagnated, with only 51% of the population having received two doses.

A highway remains deserted during a lockdown in Shanghai on May 24. Source: Bloomberg

A highway remains deserted during a lockdown in Shanghai on May 24. Source: Bloomberg

China falls one rung to No. 52 as it struggles to quash outbreaks in key cities including Beijing and Shanghai. The greater contagiousness of omicron is seeing officials deploy increasingly disruptive and draconian measures to maintain Beijing’s Covid Zero policy, and it’s extracting deep economic and social costs, reflected in poor Lockdown Severity, Vaccinated Travel Routes and Flight Capacity scores.

Taiwan drops 19 spots to No. 51—the biggest decline this month—with the island experiencing an unprecedented surge  in infections. Taiwan is seeing among the highest number of cases and deaths per capita globally as it allows the virus to circulate after more than two years of keeping it out.

Since November 2020, the Covid Resilience Ranking has provided a monthly snapshot of where the pandemic is being handled the most effectively with the least upheaval to people and business. Drawing on 11 data indicators spanning virus containment, quality of healthcare, vaccination coverage, overall mortality and progress toward restarting international travel, it captures how the world’s biggest economies are responding to the same once-in-a-generation threat.

Hong Kong, which is emerging from its deadly omicron outbreak and is easing restrictions on restaurants and social interaction, climbs five spots to No. 48.

Israel and Vietnam rise the most in May after further easing Covid travel restrictions by removing pre-departure PCR testing and quarantine requirements for foreign travelers. Israel jumped 14 spots to No. 11 and Vietnam scaled 14 rungs to No. 22 on improved Lockdown Severity and Vaccinated Travel Routes scores.

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