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“As a Vaccinated Person, You Can Get Covid-19 And Infect Others” — Minister Reveals

Nigerian minister of health, Dr Osagie Ehanire Saturday said that vaccinated individuals in the country could also get infected with COVID-19 and infect other people. This is to clear the air about the rumours going around on social media that vaccinated people are getting Covid-19 when they shouldn't. The minister is saying that as a Vaccinated Person, you can still get Coronavirus, infect others and even die. This is why people who are vaccinated must observe all the necessary Coronavirus precautions in addition to the vaccine. Furthermore, Mr Tito Mboweni, the ex-finance minister of South Africa said a similar thing few days ago after it was announced that the first nurse to accept the coronavirus vaccine in South Africa died of Coronavirus in September. She took the vaccine in February and had battled the virus for a very long time before she finally lost the fight.

Furthermore, the people who are not vaccinated are being cautioned to go and get vaccinated, saying that getting vaccinated can reduce the risk of being infected; however, it is not a guarantee that one would not be infected. A notable health expert warned those who took the Covid-19 Vaccine to be cautious because the vaccine is not not 100% effective and no one ever told them that the vaccine is 100% Effective as some of them are saying. He, however, stated that the cases of Coronavirus would have been extremely the worst if not for the intervention of the coronavirus vaccine. The Nigerian minister of health said this in a statement released and signed by the ministry of Health’s spokesperson, Segun Adetola, on Saturday in Abuja, Ehanire said “The most reliable tool to protect ourselves and our families, remains first, compliance with the now established public health measures, and secondly, the delivery of vaccines to citizens.

Several governments in Africa are complaining that many Africans are not complying with the coronavirus vaccination exercise because of the unfounded conspiracy theories surrounding Coronavirus and Coronavirus vaccine. Furthermore, others have refused to be vaccinated saying there is no need to get vaccinated since vaccinated people can still get Coronavirus, infect others and still die. They are asking of what use is the coronavirus vaccine to them. Even some people in advanced countries have blatantly refused to get vaccinated as well, citing that they do not trust the vaccine. 

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