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11 Health benefits of guava leaves

Many people devour guavas however throw away the leaves with out notion to the fitness blessings that the leaves possess. They comprise excessive stages of nutrients A and C, potassium, healthful fiber and lycopene.

In this article, we've got indexed a few brilliant fitness blessings of guava leaves which you need to realize about.

Heart Diseases

Guava leaves lessen the hazard of coronary heart sicknesses and strokes due to its excessive anti-inflammatory, excessive fiber, and antioxidant properties.

Brain Health

Circulation of blood to the mind is aided through nutrients B6 (pyridoxine) and B3 (niacin) determined in guava thereby stimulating cognitive feature and enjoyable the nerves.

Immune Booster

Guava leaves’ tea facilitates in boosting the immune structures and decrease the hazard of many sicknesses.

Sperm Production

Guava leaves will enhance sperm manufacturing thereby growing fertility. Hence, it’s fairly encouraged for guys scuffling with with fertility problems.

Libido (Sexual Desire)

Guava leaves tea will enhance libido in each sexes. Work higher while honey is added (in non-diabetics).

Pain Reducer

Guava leaf incorporates quercetin which makes it powerful in lowering ache and casting off infections.

Guava leaves

Guava leaves | Photo – Style Craze

Fights Allergy

The identical quercetin additionally acts as an antihistamine and anti inflammatory which inhibits the improvement of hypersensitive reactions inclusive of meals allergy, pores and skin reactions, and asthma.

Menstrual Problems

Guava leaves tea is right for material menses, painful menstruation, and inadequate menstrual flow.

Weight Loss

Again quercetin determined in guava leaf inhibits the formation of fats cells and Catechin which has fat burning results withinside the body. Guava leaf tea stops carbohydrates from becoming sugar and for this reason suppresses appetite. This will, in turn, assist you to lessen weight.

Stomach Upset And Constipation

Guava leaf tea is exceedingly correct for maximum belly infections due to its antibacterial properties.

Stomach Ulcer

Guava leaf incorporates Methanol extract that’s composed of unstable oil, flavonoid, and saponin which goes in opposition to belly ulcers and additionally sell recuperation effect.


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Heart Diseases


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