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Opinion| President need to thank people who got vaccinated

People who got vaccinated need to be thanked by the president as they listened to him. There are those people who were scared to get vaccine but there are those who didn't disobey the president. People who got vaccinated helped by making other people to get the vaccine too. Even those who were scared got convinced that the vaccine will not harm them. The president need to thank those people so that other will go and get vaccinated too. As we will be reaching December everyone must be vaccinated. This will help to decrease the spread of virus so that next year we will not have it.

The president need to thank the nation for listening to him all along when he was addressing them. This will make people feel important and valuable. So that even next year they will be able to losten to him when he tells them what to do. The covid-19 got decreased because people were listening to the president.

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