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Here are unpopular facts about the combination of coca cola and aspirin : This might amaze you

Claim: The combination of cola and aspirin will drug (or kill) you. ) are: it's an aphrodisiac, it's a great cure for getting high, it causes instant death, it cures headaches without exception, the drink is always Coca Cola, and the pain reliever is aspirin.

Apparently, no other product, not aspirin, not even another lemonade, let alone another pain reliever, is enough. These beliefs have been around for decades and are typically acquired in high school. Not knowing that others outside of your area have heard different things about the effectiveness of this particular combination.

In some parts of the United States, girls used to watch their colas carefully so that some less successful Lothaires saw aspirin in their drinks. In other areas, boys took aspirin and cola with the belief that they would soon become dizzy and stupid. What could be the origin of the belief that "it gets you high" emerged in the early 1930s? of Illinois wrote to the Journal of the American Medical Association warning that teenagers were dissolving aspirin in Coca-Cola to make a "heady" drink with addictive properties that was as bad as "bulky narcotics

."His game was unfounded, and the rumor eventually fell silent and lingered for a long time. Adolescence is a time of experimentation and introduction to the world of adult knowledge, so it is a bridge between childhood and adulthood. Children cannot, but adults can drink liquor and engage in sexual activities. Unsurprisingly, much of the snippets of secrets teenagers quietly share has to do with one or the other of these activities.

Age is all a mystery, so bits of knowledge that enhance the aura of mystery fall on receptive ears. Young people stay on one leg in childhood, a time with less responsibility. A teen will be delighted with the idea that combining a popular lemonade with an equally popular pain reliever will make them drunk or drunk, and they will set about getting themselves into that state.

ition through this method just to show that you can.It doesn't matter that illegal drugs aren't that hard to come by and a bottle of liquor even less (even if you're a minor): it's the feeling of being put into the system, not the expected high itself that you find in the heart the attraction of this belief. Another enthusiastically shared secret knowledge that is tangentially related to the notion of "getting high" is the idea that drinking beer through a straw leaves the drinker completely legless. It also has no basis in reality.

The psychosomatic effects of such beliefs can be surprising. The belief that the combination of cokeaspirin makes it an aphrodisiac stems from the general urge of teenagers to have a way to make the object of their desire feel the same. just a moment to awaken sexual feelings, but also to learn how to deal with romantic rejection. And what drink could be more suitable than the most American of all drinks, combined with something that relieves the pain? Far less common is the belief that the combination kills the drinker or cures a cruel hangover.

Both are easy to explain: teenagers always see phantom dangers lurking in the strangest things - the safer the better. The adult world is fraught with danger.Part of their romantic nature is for teenagers to invent dangers rather than acknowledging the real ones - it's far more exciting to imagine Godzilla behind you than to see a motorcycle through the eyes of someone who's read teenage survival statistics.

Since Coca Cola and aspirin are hangover drugs, we come to part of the tradition that has something to do with it. Taken alone, both products couldn't help but make things better at such a time: Coca Cola because it helps rehydrate a dry body with alcohol, and aspirin because it relieves the physical ailments of a blow to the head. Served together, the combination has a far greater pain relieving effect than any product alone because of the caffeine

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