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Drink this every nights and watch your body fat melt like crazy.

Loosing weight is what makes other people happy because they want to become to healthy and to stay fit. There many ways one can loose weight. This is a simple homemade recipe that doesn't have much ingredients and it actually does work plus the instructions are quite simple.

Items needed

- Green Pepper

- Cucumber

- Lemon

- Ginger root


You grate all the ingredients then mix them together then you pour in warm water. After adding the warm water you put mixture on a strainer then you transfer into a glass to serve. This mixture can also help with the removal of belly fat permanently. Drink this every night after you meal to see the difference. Because of the nature of ingredients the drink is sour but it has healthy benefits. Make sure you drink a full glass and see how your body fat will melt. A healthy mind equals a healthy body and we should all try to keep fit by any means necessary. This drink goes hand in hand with some light workout session. Gyming will enhance some of your body features and get you looking snatched this summer.

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Green Pepper Lemon


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