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What Smoking Does To Your Body

When people think about smoking they think about lungs and the damage that it deals to them. Yes, it's true smoking seriously damages your lungs, other would argue that it takes a very long time and that your lungs can handle it. It might be true in some cases people who smoked for years die at an old age, but to be honest that's the minority, the majority die in their middle ages. Smoking is a very serious offense to one's body because it disrupts a lot of things. The body is a well oiled machine when it's clean. Everything has to work together in harmony for your body to perform at its peak. Your bodies organs constantly need oxygen to keep them working the way that they should. When one lung is damaged the amount of oxygen supply to the brain and other organs is cut in half, this means that your body will now be operating at half of its capacity. This affects your brain the most because it is no longer receiving the amount of oxygen that it is used to receiving. The brain also gets used to large amounts of tobacco passing through its vein through the blood. This also kills brain cells and will end up hampering your concentration. Smoking affects your brain and this will end up sffecting your nerves as well, the signals that your brain sends to your body are going to become mixed up. Smoking is poison to the body, if I were you I'd stop right now.

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