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OPINION| How can CCMA do this whereas in SA the vaccine is not mandatory ?

The CCMA has ruled that the dismissal of an employee for refusing to be vaccinated against Covid-19 was fair ~ NEWS24

So let me get this straight the argument is that the only employee who is not vaccinated is putting the rest of the employees who are vaccinated at risk, isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? In any case I learned something today for decades I was under the impression that getting inoculated makes you more resistant to getting sickness. I never realized that it makes you so vulnerable and susceptible to sickness that you need special environments, in which to exist in order to ensure your survival this is bad

Initially these covid-19 measures were there to save lives, atleast that's what they said the reason was to stop covid-19 from spreading and killing people but now the measures are only meant to stop the spread, even at a cost of people's lives. People will die of hunger if covid-19 measures means that they can loose their jobs, also saw an article from Fox news were a patient was denied a transplant because he was not vaccinated

Playing a very dangerous game CCMA, the vaccines are not doing much to stop the spread but you're happy to ditch a loyal employee over it, in a country already over run with poverty and lack of jobs, all respect for your company has just disappeared how much did the company pay them I wonder to rule in favour of this outcome? SA know for it's filthy bribes and corruption, you got money you can make anything go your way

I don't understand how can this happen whereas in South Africa vaccine isn't mandatory, secondly employers they were supposed not to worry about those who are not vaccinated. The employers policy was supposed to say if you are not vaccinated is your own risk company isn't going to be involved on your death, as results of covid rather than forcing people to be vaccinated in exchange of work. This need to be challenged, no public institution have a right to judge and violate human rights besides the court's. When they reach to this decision that means South African workers have no shoulder to cry on, this is unacceptable

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