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Gogo Skhotheni Advises Against Intimacy To Izangoma

When Gogo skhotheni took her amathwasana to groove and have some few drinks she was criticized by izangomas, they told her that what she was doing was inappropriate as a traditional Doctor. she must not forget her status as sangoma.

After receiving so much insults and lecture she went live on Facebook to address some of the mischievous acts that these sangomas are doing do their desperate clients. She said that these Traditional Doctors are sleeping with their in clients in the name of getting rid of isichitho (bad luck). she threw hot punches on these Traditional Doctors and warned the clients that they should never accept to sleep with any sangoma who is professing to take the bad luck away form them.

She said that clients are being abused because of their level of desperation to get help.there are many things that signals as the red flags to these fake sangoma. People must really be careful about these traditional doctors "she said"

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