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14 Year Old Learner Will Lose Her Arm After Developing A Lump Allegedly Due To The Vaccine

Vaccines are not foreign concepts; they are things that have been in existence throughout generations. This is because we live in a world where viruses and diseases are also alive and many of these impact the health of humanity and even go to the extent of putting people in danger. This is why people are often vaccinated to boost their bodies in fighting these different viruses and diseases and also keep them safe and healthy.

Before vaccines are carried out to people, proper research takes place by top scientists and also professionals who work in the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare industry. This is to ensure that the vaccines that will be given out to people will do the job and cause zero harm to the bodies of those who will receive them. But at the end of the day, everything has its disadvantages and advantages, and this also sometimes happens to people who take vaccines because our bodies are different and they are going to react differently to the medication that is being taken. With some, it will do the job that it is intended to do,while with others, they will experience bad side effects.

The coronavirus pandemic hit the world in the year 2020, and because of that, many people got infected by this, resulting in the healthcare system being under pressure and pharmaceutical companies being put in a position where they had to create vaccines in order to help humanity. Vaccines have been created and thousands of people have taken them, but sadly, there are some who have reacted badly to the COVID-19 vaccine and it was reported that it might have mild side effects.

But it seems like some people are experiencing severe side effects. It has been reported by the SABC that a 14-year-old learner from the Eastern Cape could potentially lose her arm because of allegedly taking the vaccine. Yamkela Seplan said that she developed a huge lump on her arm after taking the jab.

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