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Panic around the world due to new variant 'Omicron', can make its victim even after getting both dos

 The new variant 'Omicron' (Omicron, B.1.1.529), which appeared a few days ago in South Africa, has worried the whole world. Why is there panic all over the world about Omicron and how dangerous it is for people. In most countries of the world including India, an alert has been issued regarding the new variant.

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 Regarding the new variant Omicron, South African scientists say that this mutated variant may be responsible for the recent increase in cases of corona epidemic in Gauteng, the country's most populous province. However, it is not yet clear where the new variant actually came from. However, it was detected for the first time by scientists in South Africa and its infection was also seen in travelers from Hong Kong and Botswana.

 How dangerous can this new variant be

 This new variant of Corona is considered very dangerous and it is being said that it spreads very fast. It is being said to spread much faster than all the previous variants. There is also a danger that this new variant can infect people who have been vaccinated.

 Not only this, it is also being claimed about this new variant that people who have been infected with corona earlier are more prone to this variant. The infected people do not show any symptoms. However, it is not yet decided how effective the vaccine can be to prevent the spread of this variant. It is being verified.

 How prepared is India to deal with Omicron?

 After Delta, Omicron is dangerous for India and how will the country deal with this crisis. For this, emphasis is being laid on getting the people going to and from the airport strictly checked. Also, after taking the first dose of the vaccine, it can be dangerous for those who do not take the second dose.

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 The report is yet to come on how effective the indigenous vaccine is in India. Also, after the arrival of new variants, how effective are the hospitals of the country, it is also being monitored.

 WHO has warned the world about the new variant. WHO has placed the new variant of Corona in the category of worrying. He said that it will take some time to understand the danger of the new variant.

 The havoc of the new variant has now reached Belgium. The patient there has confirmed the first patient of the new variant. The first case of a patient of a new variant of Corona has come to light in Europe. Belgium has issued an alert regarding the new variant of Corona

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