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INSPIRATIONAL: HIV does not dictate how I live my life and who I want to be

Ts'epang Maboee, a 23 year old young woman who is a true inspiration of the current generation. This young woman has been diagnosed with HIV at an early age.

Since she discovered her HIV status, she has been nothing short of amazing in standing true to who she is.

HIV is one of the most stigmatized condition in the rest of the world. Miss Maboee has not been an exception in experiencing stigma from the community.

In one of her Facebook posts, Miss Maboee is always seen staying positive in almost everything she attempts.

In a short space of time since she came public about her status, the woman in question has grown so much as a HIV activist.

Miss Maboee is seen on all her socials, having live videos with other HIV positive activists from all over Africa.

She has grown to a point where she became highly recognised not only in Lesotho but in most of the African countries but particularly in South Africa.

For the past months and weeks, Miss Maboee has been to countless radio stations across Lesotho as well as South Africa.

This was an attempt to spread the word and let people know that HIV is not a death sentence as it is widely conceived by the community.

People who are inspired by Miss Maboee are publicly showing their appreciation for the good work this young woman is doing for the people.

As a sign of appreciation, different people showed their support in different ways. Here's how they chose to celebrate and appreciate this amazing woman.

Ts'epang Maboee is a track produced in honour of Miss Maboee and according to the artist in charge of this song, RoboCop said this track is a sign of appreciation to Miss Maboee for a job well done in uplifting the spirits and souls of the many. The track is expected to drop today at 20:00pm in celebration of her birthday today.

Majority of you might be asking how this young woman managed to be where she is today. The answer is simple: adhere to your medication and glow different.

Miss Maboee advocates for full adherence, no to HIV stigma, social inclusion of the HIV infected persons and more engaging issues.

Miss Maboee hails all the way from Mafeteng in Lesotho, but currently she lives in Maseru where she is a student at The National University of Lesotho.

We celebrate this young woman today as she celebrates her 23rd birthday. We wish her all the best in all she attempts to do. The world needs brave and courageous young people like Miss Maboee to advocate for which they believe in without the fear of discrimination.

All hail the Queen. Enjoy your day. The world awaits your greatness.

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