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WATCH: White man telling everyone to burn thier face mask as he burns his

Corona virus

17 January 2022

Ever since this virus has attacked South Africa and other countries, we have been urged to put on a face mask in order to stop or minimise the spread throughout the air. However, these face mask had some side effects as one needs to have some fresh air but they couldn't due to the fact that it was a must to always be wearing it.

Video of a white guy burning his own face mask and telling people to go after him. He sends a message to the government of South Africa and the whole world to do the right thing. He believes that covid19 is over and people should go back to normal life and focus on rebuilding what we lost.

From the beginning of this pandemic, companies that produces face mask has made more than millions for the face mask that they have distributed to various retailers. Come to think of it, wasn't this supposed to be free if the government had nothing but love to its people?


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Corona South Africa


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