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Super Spreader Event currently happening in Durban and people are not happy.

One if things that we are trying to actively avoid right now in South Africa is spreading the virus, stopping the spread of the virus has become a part of our Lifestyle. We have rules in place to stop that from happening and we sanitize and wear our masks as often as we can to protect ourselves. However while we act responsibly in our own lives, there are actually other things that can spread the virus. One of the main ones being Super Spreader events. One such event is happening right now (28 September 2021) in Durban and it seems like it's not being regulated by anyone. All the details are below.

Event Taking place :

In the Durban City Center their is currently a march taking place, while I do not have a lot of information on the march, from what I could find out, it is allegedly a religious event. As we can see from the pictures above and below, there are hundreds of people and they are all gathered in close proximity to each other, creating a good situation for the virus to spread. Sadly people are not taking this into account, so here's what South Africans need to know.

Responsible choices :

Many people around the Country are currently living under lockdown rules to protect themselves from the virus. While it's understandable that religion is a large part of people's lifestyles, sometimes we have to sacrifice to keep ourselves safe. Churches, temples and other places of worship had to deal with major restrictions during lockdown and for the most part they accepted it and acted in a responsible manner. We ask that everyone do the same. Below are what some South Africans had to say about the issue.

As we can see, people are understandably angry at this event taking place. Because of the spread of the virus can affect anyone and the more if spreads, the more people are in danger.

What do you think of this event, do you think it should have been allowed to happen, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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