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President might lead South Africans to more deaths as he announces this?

Source: Heidi Giokos on Twitter: "BREAKING: Masks no longer required OUTDOORS. But indoors such as offices, malls, taxis, busses or any other indoor place is still required. Masks when working on the streets or jogging or outdoor gathering is no longer required. #eNCA" / Twitter

As the president was online yesterday briefing the media and giving a nationwide address. There are some points that he spoke on that picked people's attentions and also my attention as well.

The president revealed that He and the cabinet decided to put the country under alert level one, and went on to reveal that masks would not be that much needed in outdoors spaces.

This leaves one question in mind, what will be the effect of this decision on the peak of the virus. Will the decision affect many livelihoods or not?

since the beginning of the virus, we were told to put on masks always because they help in reducing the spread of the virus. But now since we are told to put the masks down, I then begin to think that would the cases increase again because of this decision?

There is one twitter user who sparked my attention, who is identified as Top Bin who posted a tweet saying: "on Twitter: "@HeidiGiokos No one has been wearing mask outside for the last year, Cyril is only a year behind the rest of the world" / Twitter". Which really reveals the fact that even though the regulations were not eased, there were some people who never adhered to them.

But they never caught the virus. Should we then relax and say that it is okay to not wear masks anymore?

What then would stop the virus from spreading if we all are not wearing masks? What do you think about this as a reader? What is your take on this matter? Would you say that indeed cases might increase?

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