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What the IOC did to Caster Semenya is blatant r*c*sm, here is what they did:

As it stands Middle-distance runner Caster Semenya will need to take hormone-lowering agents, or have surgery, if she wishes to continue her career in her chosen athletic events. In the meantime Lia Thomas who is a transgender is allowed to compete as a woman.

kakgiso Rabada tweeted “So Lia Thomas, born a Man and waits until she’s 21 before she decides. She’s a Woman & is the best Swimmer on Earth.Caster Semenya born a Woman, a SUPREME female Athlete who has faced disgusting indignities.banned because she doesn’t want to take testosterone medication”

Emily Hunt tweeted “Let's not forget about Caster Semenya, who is a cis (intersex) woman with elevated testosterone levels who now isn't allowed to compete without undergoing surgery or hormonal treatments to alter her body, exactly how it was born”

Justin Coolser said “It's quite exhausting that we haven't figured out or let it sink in that white people cheat & change rules whenever they want & will even twist the fabrics of nature for it. Caster semenya is just that reason, the swimming men lia is all women but caster born woman is all man”

“Make it make sense!!?? Explain to us how this is not blatant racism... Caster Semenya who was born a woman can’t compete with women in her sport..?but Lia Thomas who was born a man, now transgender, can compete with women? Furthermore be celebrated for winning championships?” Said Lufuno Mulovhedzi.

what are your thoughts fellas?

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