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Man marries a XXX(s3x doll) and people are amazed.

Yuri Tolochko is a man from Kazakhstani who is a bodybuilder.He is married to Margo whom he met some time ago at a nightclub and things took off until they married.The bodybuilder says they were celebrating their 18 months of marriage with Margo,who happens to be a XXX(sex doll).

They had a marriage of a traditional ceremony where they had happy guests.Yuri said the marriage was delayed twice as he was attacked by the gruesome after he attended the transgender rally in Kazakh city Almaly on October 31.

He noted that the gruesome left him with a concussion and a broken nose.In a footage Yuri is seen dressed smartly in a black dinner suit and a bow tie whilst Margo is wearing a beautiful white lacy gown.They had a marriage ceremony in 2019.

Sharing a footage on Instagram Mr Tolochko said,"it happened.To be continued."According to Mr Tolochko,his lover Margo has got a fiery personality,'she swears but has a tender soul inside.On another post Yuri wrote,'Couples need to talk less and connect more.'

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