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Important| This Woolworths Food Product Might put Your Health at Risk

Date: 09/10/21



One of South Africas most trusted food stores, Woolworths, has recalled a great majority of their apple juice products because it contains certain toxins that are very bad for the health of the consumers. it is said that their apple juices, which are the ones being recalled, have a very dangerous toxin in them that might cause harm to the body. This has been found to be true by the world health organisation and they have agreed that woolworths must recall the juice product. below is a picture of the 100% apple juice being recalled.

Woolworths states that when you return the product, you will get a full refund or you can replace the product with another one. This is okay as it's the first time such happens at Woolworths.


There have been a lot of recalling being done by product manufacturers all around the country. We have seen tiger brands recalled a huge amount of baked beans that were also contaminated and not so long ago another brand of Juice recalled its how 100% juice because of contamination as well. It is not known what exactly is happening with the products in the country but it is starting to become a trend.


As much as this is a big error with regards to Woolworths as a whole, it is easy to realise that it was above their control. It is only one incident that has happened after many years of them supplying quality food to the public. The public should not ostracize the store because of only one contaminated product. I believe always will continue giving its people quality food products that are satisfactory in the near future.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think it was a big mistake on Woolworths part to send such products out?

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