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If you live in Cape Town and Gauteng read this

Corona virus has demolished many provinces in south Africa, infact all provinces and left behind many parentless homes and many ophanes. By the time corona virus was known it was not seems to be this reckless killer. It stated by February in south Africa but became serious in mid March to April. Corona virus made its mark, ARed Mark. Many big Ang small short and tall weak and strong have died in this season of corona. The doctors and researchers has found out that corona travells vividly in cold places or cold weather. As we are in cold season now, winter we are very exposed to the pandemic. We all know that in south Africa there are provinces that are most cold than others. Province of the western cape is one of the very cold provinces in winter. The weather at Gauteng province and western cape can be very extreme. In the western cape province cape town, there are many shacks and many people that are mingling there. The weather of the cape town is very windy and cold in winter. The more the colds the more the cases of corona.cape town people must be very careful and strictly follow the corona virus rules, for their sake. The more the people in the province, the higher the statistics of covid 19 positive cases. We all know that cape town and Gauteng are very crowded places. Cape town and Gauteng have placed that attract many different people to visit for different reasons. So as more people from different provinces visit the place, they can easily transport the virus. It can be better for the people of these both provinces in particular to adhere to the safety precautions to better their lives and and their chances of getting slippery from the virus. We are all in very vulnerable state of life in this season and if we keep on fighting with the government laws we are all going to die like cockroaches sprayed doom.

People of south Africa, it is not too late to play your part and say that YOU WILL NOT BE COUNTED WITH THE MISBEHAVOURS WHO DONT OBEY THE RULES. Together we can easily beat this corona virus.

People of South Africa please leave your coment



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