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7 Places You Should Never Put Your Phone Due To It's Harmful Effect On The Body

Finding someone who does not have a cell phone has become virtually difficult. When we are in the bath or asleep, they are basically with us all the time. It is a little-known fact that leaving a mobile phone in certain locations may be damaging to the device and, worse, can pose a threat to your health and physical well-being.

1. Back Pocket.

Despite the fact that carrying your phone in your back pocket may appear to be convenient, there are certain disadvantages to doing so. These include:

When you use your mobile phone's touchscreen, it responds to items other than your fingertips. Thus, dialing the emergency number without realizing it is quite simple - 30 percent of 911 calls are made by mistake.

Does your stomach hurt and do your legs hurt as well? The fact that you're carrying your phone in your pocket might be a contributing factor.

You may easily forget you have it in your pocket and shatter it by doing so!

2. Front pocket.

It is more convenient to place your cell phone in your front pocket because most men do not carry bags. But it's possible that this will have an adverse effect on your health. Scientific evidence has established that electromagnetic radiation may have detrimental effects on the quality and quantity of sperm, and the longer it is exposed to the elements in your pocket, the higher the danger.

3. Bra.

Medical professionals are still divided on whether or not cell phone radiation may cause cancer. The storage of a phone in a bra, on the other hand, is believed to raise the chance of developing breast cancer by some experts.

4. In the hip area.

The hip bones are weakened, according to certain studies, when you carry your phone near your thigh.

5. Too close to the skin.

Keep your mobile phones away from your face as much as you possibly can! Bacteria from the screen and buttons are transmitted to your skin as a result of this action, and electromagnetic radiation becomes more intense. The gadget should be held at a distance of 0.5 to 1.5 cm from the skin's surface when on a phone call, according to recommendations.

6. Pushchairs.

Parents have been known to stuff their phones inside their children's prams in a hurry. But according to some study, cell phones can induce behavioural abnormalities in youngsters such as attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, making them a dangerous to have around.

7. Under the pillow.

In order to avoid leaving your phone under your pillow, there are various reasons to do so:

Notifications occur and the screen illuminates during the nighttime hours of the day. Melatonin synthesis is affected by this light stimulation, which might result in sleep difficulties.

EMF radiation causes headaches and dizziness when exposed over extended periods of time

The possibility of your phone bursting overnight has been documented several times, and by covering your phone, the likelihood of this occurring increases. Whilst charging, a phone generates heat that does not escape through a pillow's fabric, causing it to overheat.

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