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What is a true test of strength at the gym?

What is a true test of strength at the gym?

FOUR true test of strengths AT THE GYM.


If you can pull up own body weight against the force of gravity, that is a true test of your upper body strength. It is a combination of grip strength, forearms, lats and back muscles which helps you pull your own body weight. Majority of gym goers struggle to complete 10 consecutive pull ups. No wonder this is a must do for people who go to the gym.

Bench Press

Benching is a true test of your upper body pushing strength. It requires explosive power from your pectoral muscles, triceps, deltoids and is a combination of speed and technique.


Deadlift is a true man’s test of pulling strength. It is an old school irreplaceable movement which requires progressive overload, consistent training, right technique to master the move. Advanced dead lifters dedicate years of training to lift heavy. As with other exercise, technique and form are very essential to master in the beginning to prevent yourself from lower back injury.


The true test of your lower body strength is undoubtedly Squat. You need to have a solid quad, hamstring and calf muscles to squat heavy. It requires years of training to learn the right technique and form. No wonder it is called the King of all exercises.

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Bench Press


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