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Man allegedly dies of COVID-19 after revealing this to his followers

Is it a coincidence that people die of COVID-19 after going public about the process of immunization against the virus?

Should you vaccinate? Is it safe? Worry not, as I will be taking you through these questions shortly.

Well, this is another case that will shockingly raise your eye brow.

In this article, we'll cover what is really happening and what is actually killing thousands around the world.

A famous man dies of severe COVID-19 complications after telling his followers to go vaccinate since he got his jab early this month.The man is said to be a famous YouTuber who supposedly took to the social media platform urging his following to go vaccinate too. Little did he know, that death was around the corner.

Is the vaccine killing people? The simple answer is a big NO.

Research proves that no one ever died cause of the jab, so the vaccine is safe and has ran through extensive testing before it is destributed to the public. Rest assured, it is the virus that causes death, nothing else.For an example, the study shows that most people take jabs not knowing their current health status, if they have contracted the virus or not previously so. Thus, going to the process is ‘risky’ to many given that their well-being and immune system was already collapsing from the virus itself. So, this is like drinking poisonous water and taking a pill to releave the complications that come after, the chances for survival are less.

However, we can't dispute scientific evidence and proper research.

In conclusion, I urge you to go take the jab and save yourself from the headache knowing you're safe and less likely to die from related causes.

Will you take the vaccine? And if not, why? Please state your reasons below.

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