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Safety accident


Food safety

Please stop using plastic dishes to avoid this

If you using plastic dishes please stop because plastic dishes are dangerous ,plastic dishes or containers are attractive colours that are popular with children but should be aware that any of the harmful chemicals used during construction can be harmful. f their residues end up in the food while heating or eating hot food.

We know that in many homes children and adults eat from plastic dish or container because they say are not going die soon. But health experts warn against this .

They say that if you are a person who always looks at what you eat because you want to be healthy, you should look at what you eat from a container and what is put in it when it is made.

They say that the poison you can get by eating from a plastic container, in which certain chemicals are used, is similar to having diabetes.

Plastic containers when heated releases a chemical, phthalate know 85% plasticizers, they chemical eventually enters the food when you hear the in that container.

So "Fatty foods such as meat and cheese are more likely to be heated in a plastic container, which phthalates enter immediately. If you eat those foods, you endanger the lungs, kidneys and liver. "You have a heart attack and diabetes.

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