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Stop Eating Eggs With Any Of These Four Foods, it's Dangerous

As the expression goes, you're what you eat. This is why I'm writing this essay in favor of everyone, I'm interested in you and what you put into your mouth. Do you aware that every day your common food will injure your health if it goes wrong?

I ate many meals at a time while I was in recess in high school. This was my first experience. But I don't want any adverse affects to anyone, not even my opponent. I've been ill for a week and I didn't attend to class with what they were doing, or join my classmates. It was an awful experience for me.

After the term had ended, I arrived home and my sister was astonished by my being slim. She stated it was food poisoning, all that happened was I told her. What is toxicity to nutrition? I said to myself. I said to myself. I said to myself. I said to myself. Does that indicate somebody puts poison in the food I ate? When I was older, I never knew what food poisoning was. It means nobody puts poison on your health, as you can see in the movies.

Mixing several food kinds can lead to food sickness. Mixing materials is one of the most crucial things we conduct. People have diverse causes to mix meals; they can't eat rice, like my dad and my brothers, without their beans.

What I want to bring out is that by mixing incorrect foods, it will damage the body. Obstination, constipation, heart disease and even diarrhea can cause.

You need to know which food is a good choice for producing a nutritious diet to ensure that the above mentioned difficulties are prevented.

Foods containing eggs you don't have to mix.

Egg is a protein-friendly food, which is often referred to as wonderful food. It is cheap and easy to use, but it takes time to digest, so keep your eggs together, so your belly does not get tired. It is easy to use.

These are meals you can never drink with eggs to avoid catastrophic repercussions on the stomach:

1. Fish: this is a bad mix. Avidine can neutralize vitamin B7, which contains substantial quantities of fatty fish, as an ingredient in eggs. Vitamin B7 is quite required for the metabolization of sugar, carbs and protein in the body. Use veggies to make eggs instead of seafood.

2. Potato: "Eggs and potatoes in the belly are not doing well. The potato requires nutrients that limit the consumption of iron and calcium from eggs. It will cause to indigestion, thus it's incredibly uncomfortable to eat these two together.

3. Milk: Last but not least Some people eat milk eggs in order to improve their protein consumption. All proteins, such as egg and milk, are not nevertheless compatible with one other. Milk may be consumed independently of all other meals so that the important chemicals in it are thoroughly digested.

4. Any fruit: some fruit, such as strawberries, sauce, pears, will not be eaten until protein, including eggs. Fruit takes less time to digest than proteins that need to be digested longer. You can have difficulties stomach upset.

Please select a healthy supper so that you don't witness what I have done if you don't know how to do between a delicious and a nutritious mix. On the other hand, you still watch your body's reaction to whatever food you take to prevent it in due course.

Remember what you get. Eat good, work good, be good.

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