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Stomach Ulcers: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Ulcer is a pathology associated with Surgery of the Esophagus and Stomach.

The look of an ulcer is the end result of an imbalance among the shielding elements of the belly and stressors of the belly. Defense elements are represented through cells that secrete defensive mucus and stressors are represented through acid secretion and, above all, through the presence of micro organism discovered in 90% of instances.

This micro organism, discovered withinside the belly, is known as helicobacter pylori. This micro organism reasons continual infection withinside the belly known as continual gastritis.

However, this micro organism isn't constantly gift while there's an ulcer and sure medications, consisting of anti- inflammatory capsules. Ulcers are continual sicknesses characterised through an inflammatory crater that digs into the thickness of the liner of the belly or duodenum. Duodenal ulcers are greater not unusualplace than belly ulcers.

" Symptomatology

The regular symptom of an ulcer is ache withinside the higher abdomen, which resembles a cramp, happening some hours after meals. This ache is relieved through eating.

Unfortunately, this ache is best found in 40% of instances and most customarily the ulcer reasons best a easy gastric embarrassment, consisting of nausea or problem digesting.

In different instances, the ulcer does now no longer purpose any symptoms, specially withinside the elderly, and it's far then found by accident or at the opposite as a trouble.

These headaches, presently rare, are of three types:

▶ Gastrointestinal bleeding is the maximum not unusualplace trouble. This might be both vomiting blood or a small quantity of bleeding that is going left out and ends in black, foul- smelling stools or anemia. Sometimes the bleeding is substantial and calls for pressing hospitalization in extensive care.

▶ Perforation of the ulcer, that's peritonitis, consequences in surprising and excessive ache, observed through nausea and may pass as a ways as inflicting discomfort. The stomach will become tough and untouchable. The analysis is showed through easy radiological examinations and hospitalization, urgently, and necessary.

▶ Stenosis, that's a narrowing of a part of the belly that happens after more than one ulcers flare- ups. It is a trouble that's pretty wonderful these days and which ends up in ache and specially in intense vomiting after every meal.

" Additional tests

The simple check in diagnosing belly ulcers or duodenum ulcers is gastroscopy. This is an examination that isn't painful however a touch unpleasant. It can, in a few instances, be done with a mild anesthesia.

This involves, the usage of an endoscope geared up with a camera, to have a look at withinside the belly to visualise the ulcer and specially to take samples known as biopsies.

These biopsies are used to ensure that there aren't anyt any cancerous lesions withinside the ulcer and to test for the presence or absence of the bacterium helicobacter pylori.


The remedy of gastric or duodenal ulcer is now nearly solely accomplished with capsules. The intention of remedy for belly ulcer is to prescribe capsules that decrease the acidity of the belly, collectively with antibiotics to spoil Helicobacter pylori. Antibiotics are prescribed for a week, at the same time as antisecretories are prescribed for 1 month.

At the give up of remedy, a manage gastroscopy is important to make sure restoration of the ulcer. Regarding the scientific remedy of duodenal ulcer, antibiotic remedy on my own is enough withinside the majority of instances. It is prescribed for a duration of seven to 21 days, relying at the case. Surgical remedy these days is reserved for ulcer headaches or ulcers that don't reply to medication.

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