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Inconsistencies in Juice Wrld's death

Fans React & Mourn Juice Wrld After Shocking News of His Death ...

His death came less than a week after his 21st birthday. The rapper was eerily prescient, noting on his song “Legends,” “We ain’t making it past 21.” The Times has reached out to the rapper’s management, which has not yet responded.

Rapper Juice Wrld celebrated 21st in Sydney days before tragic ...

The 21 Club doesn’t carry the same cultural weight as the 27 Club, but it might be one day. Juice, Peep and XXXTentacion were generational mouthpieces, pop vanguards who had already achieved a global following. While they all had various demons — XXXTentacion’s alleged domestic violence being the most controversial — they also shared much more in common than the far-flung constellation of 27 Club luminaries. They all wrote freely about mental health in a way that could verge on teen melodrama and they all possessed a considerable pop acumen that served as musical ballast. Their depressive music floated, and it resonated with millions.

"I have a lot going for me, I recognise it's a lot of big things, a lot of big looks. I want to be there, and you don't have to overdose to not be there."

Guglielmi said two of the guards were armed with weapons. The guards had valid concealed-carry permits, but they don’t allow them to bring weapons to an airport, so they were arrested and charged with misdemeanor gun violations.

Higgins was taken to Holy Cross Hospital, where more Narcan was administered, again with no change in his condition, the report states. He was transferred to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, where he was pronounced dead at 3:14 a.m., six days after his birthday. Emergency room doctors found nine pills in his pockets.

Throughout his brief career, Juice WRLD would speak openly about his early struggles with substance abuse, including his exposure to prescription pills like Xanax and Percocet as a freshman in high school. Drug use, he said in an interview with No Jumper, “opens doors to feel emotions that you probably wouldn’t usually feel,” but he added, it “can destroy you — utterly destroy you.”

Even in normal times we fight over politics, money — you name it. One of the grandmothers loves to meddle in the young folks’ business. The list goes on and on. My worry is that the discussions and debates could get ugly this year. We have conservatives and liberals in our family, and just as the country is divided, so is our family.

Along with Lil Peep, the 21-year-old rapper-singer who died of a drug overdose in 2017, Juice WRLD helped spearhead the buzzing emo-rap movement, which blended musical elements of emo rock — such as gentle guitar riffs and soul-baring lyricism — with the deft wordplay and crisp, sonic signifiers of trap music. In Juice WRLD’s case, the end product was heart-on-the-sleeve pop that exhibited a vulnerability not always been associated with mainstream hip-hop.

Agents reportedly found over 70 pounds of marijuana, six bottles of prescription codeine cough syrup, two 9 mm handguns, a .40-caliber pistol, a high-capacity ammunition magazine and metal-piercing bullet on the plane.

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