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With This One Leaf, You Can Protect Yourself From Bad Luck

Many likewise utilizes it to treat diabetes by crushing it. For diabetic patients, get loads of Kontomire leaves and toil it with water. Flush the water from the feed and heat up the water for ten minutes.

First wash it a long time prior to cooking it to not ensure anything has tainted it. Broil two leaves and put them on the entryway front prompting your room. After washing, stand on it with your two legs. One leave, One leg and say each awful soul encompassing my life, I annihilate them with the leaves of my blood.

The leaves of your blood is an old name for Cocoyam Leaves or Kontomire on the grounds that it gives you more blood when you eat it.

With that, the twins should be nearer to the mother before it can work. Utilize your right leg for the more modest twin and the left leg for the senior or developed twin when you stand on the leaves.


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Bad Luck Cocoyam Kontomire


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