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OPINION | If Nigeria discovered the new covid variant in October, why didn't they tell the world ?

Nigeria says it found Omicron variant from October samples ~ NEWS24

So if Nigeria had cases since October any number and we are told this omicron is exponentially contagious why does Nigeria still have such a tiny (relative) number of cases and deaths? Today’s numbers is 2977 deaths in total. If it's true it moved by people, it means it was moved by those who vaccinated, so what's the use of unvaccinated to be vaccinated. Nigeria is an African country and unlike those western power that banned SA, and Nigeria didn't ban us and borders are still open United Africa we're in this together, black lives matter. I still don't get it why country needs to close borders when variant is detected in other countries, because at last every variant will be in any countries. This is all mind games and madness, I wonder what's game are they playing. It is now obvious that other countries discovered Omicron before and kept quite, they were just waiting for scape goat and South Africa is one. So Nigeria kept quite about it and we have South Africa who has been red listed as if it was from there. Which means Omicron has been circulating around the world for a while, and it is clear that it is not as dangerous as we were told by Ramaphosa

If its even true Nigeria may didn't recognized it and another thing looks like each and everyone is going to blame another one, as South Africa blame Botswana and now will be Nigeria after some one else, but at the end of the day no one will come to Africa and no one will go out from Africa. Omicron is propaganda from scientist, aiming to scare people to vaccinate, if the tactic doesn't work, then they will push companies to mandatory vaccination. This means South African scientists are best and transparent towards the world but the world shows them the wrong finger

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