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Periods? No problem, Enjoy exercising while you are on your periods

Periods can make exercising difficult and uncomfortable to many women, many people resent exercising during this time of the month.

Here are tips on how to love exercising during periods:

1. Do exercises you already like

During this time, things like CrossFit of other high-intensive exercise should be avoided. Its best to do simple exercises that you like.

2. Focus on the benefits

Exercising keeps you busy, its a way to keep the body busy. It helps shift the focus of the mind rather than sitting and feeling the periods all day.

3. Pick the right period product

Pads are not for some exercises or physical activities. Tampons are safe for almost every activity including swimming.

You may even consider a menstrual cup, disc or period underwear. This way you can just bleed and get through the day.

4. Take it easy

When you are on your periods your body is not fully okay, the energy levels and mood is affected. This way the body cannot perform the way it normally does on a normal day. Take it easy.

5. Listen to your body

Every period is different, one month it will be light with no pain or cramps, the next month it will be heavy and painful with no energy at all. Pay attention to this and pick exercises that will go with your current energy.


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