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Ramaphosa leaves people with mixed reactions after he said that vaccine should be mandatory

The issue of Ramaphosa saying that the vaccine might be mandary has really made people to now be aware of what is happening. President was on record saying that no one should be forced to take the vaccine and now his changing his story. If the number of cases can increases, vaccine will be mandatory. This has sparked so many conversations around the vaccines and what they really do.

According Prof Burtram Fielding who is the Virologist at the university of the Western Cape, making vaccine mandatory won't really help in anything because even the people who are vaccinated can still get the virus.

There seems to be a notion that people who are not vaccinated are the ones who are driving the new variants. Prof was asked whether the people who are not vaccinated are the ones who are driving these new variants and his answers was a simple no. He said that this could be possible if only people who were vaccinated don't get infected with the virus. As we stand, we are all the drivers of the the infections because the virus can replicates even in the people who got vaccinated

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