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Covid-19| Tonight's Statistics Are Something Worth Celebrating, The Country Is Winning

Date: 02/08/21

The country is coming out of the worst period of the coronavirus this year. The 28 days of level 4 of the lockdown were amongst one of the toughest days in the country due to the fact that South Africans had not been used to such tough restrictions. While the country was going through level 4, it seems like it was never going to end as each day the country recorded a record-breaking number of new covid-19 infections.

During lockdown level 4, which was in the past few weeks, the country could record about 26,000 new cases in a single day. This was something very scary as the country had not seen cases rise to that height. It then makes South Africans very happy to know that the cases now have dropped so drastically that they are way below the 10,000 mark every day. The latest cases however are the lowest the country has recorded in over a month.

In the past 24 hours South Africa registered around 5,500 new covid-19 cases which is the lowest number of cases, South Africa recorded since the 14th of June 2021. This is really good news because it shows that the move to level 3 was well-thought idea and there is now a great possibility that the country can move back to level 2 sometime soon.

It can be remembered that during the time of level 2, South Africa could register around the same number of cases as of today's numbers. The only thing that stands between the country moving to level 2 of the lockdown is the National Coronavirus command council, which is supposed to hold a meeting to review how the country's pandemic has been behaving for the past few months before decided to loosen restrictions.

Below is the graph of the currently active cases showing exactly where the third wave is currently at and where it's going. It can be seen that it is slowly going down every day and now with cases as low as 5500 in recorded this graph will go even further.

What is your take on the matter at hand? Do you think that the country is now ready to move to level 2 of the lockdown because of the reduction in the deli cases, or should it remain under level 3 for quite some time before it rises I move to lower levels?

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The Country Is Winning


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