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Mzansi left speechless after a Beautiful Lady makes waves on Twitter after revealing this.


Individuals' decisions on whether or not to inoculate are further muddled by paranoid thoughts. After hearing all of the things people say about antibodies on the internet, many people have promised not to get inoculated. Despite the fact that the government continues to pressure people to immunize, there are still a large number of people who refuse to do so, claiming that vaccinations have unintended consequences and have killed people. Nobody has died as a result of an antibody, according to the public authority's report. 

The Department of Health and Human Services has stated that side effects such as headaches and shortness are common, and that it is possible for some people to have significantly greater side effects than others because people's systems react differently to different vaccines. The government is also urging anyone who is suffering from unintended consequences to seek help so that their problems might be resolved. 

Following all of the crazy ideas about immunizations, CrisExcel, the dark tweeter President, made a public commitment that she will never get immunized until the situation worsens to the point when she won't be allowed to work without proof of inoculation. 

She made the statement in response to a tweet from News24/7, which stated that only fully inoculated people will be allowed inside the stadium to see Bafana's World Cup qualifier against Ethiopia on Tuesday. Consider how people reacted to her declaration: 

The government is doing everything it can to encourage people to take the antibodies, but it appears that all of their efforts will be in vain because many people are still willfully ignorant. 


Another factor that makes people reconsider antibodies is how the government is seeking to coerce people to get inoculated by implication. Initially, Ramaphosa stated that no one would be forced to inoculate; nevertheless, he has provided an immunization visa to demonstrate that if you are not inoculated, you will be restricted from doing certain activities. Each circuitous power is represented by this. 

In terms of the antibody, what are your thoughts? Do you believe the government is concealing something or that people are simply lying? Fill in the blanks with your thoughts. 

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