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Woman Says Her Daughter Hasn't Been Diagnosed With COVID-19 Despite No Mask Mandate

Globally the issues or report of the COVID-19 infections is beginning to grow widely, due to the mindset of people about the Vaccine worldwide. The COVID-19 virus has brought up disorder in different families causing heartbreak and other mody reactions. Following the news update a lady released a tweet on her twitter handle which quotes, “We have heard of ZERO reported cases of COVID-19 in my kids’ school this year despite no mask mandate. I asked my 9 year old daughter, and she said, “Well, everyone in my class is coughing but they say it’s ‘allergies.’ She actually made little quotes with her hands when she said “allergies.” “Little quotes with her hands,” also known as air quotes. That is my cue that it’s time for bed.

She said that her daughter hasn't been infected with the Covid-19 infection even with the aspect of no mask mandate. And also almost her daughters’ mate are having a symptom of COVID-19 called cough.

Her kid is smart and perceptive, but how can you let her continue to go to that school. Eventually, an outbreak will occur. Most will be mild but a very high percentage will wind up in hospitals and suffer long COVID, Is this school worth the risk? Maybe it’s time for public schools to treat COVID tests like thermometers. When a child presents with COVID symptoms, take temperature and administer test. I feel for people who need the paycheck, but we are talking about potential deaths and long-term health issues.

In a CA middle school of 700, there is mask mandates, Vaccination mandates for staff & teachers, & soon, Vaccination mandates for kids. On-site testing weekly. The government here suspended notification on Covid cases. If the child goes to the school nurse they will be sent home and not permitted back w/o a negative Covid test. If positive they must quarantine 10 days. Parents are instructing students with symptoms to say it is allergies.

What is your take on this, do you think it is right for the woman to leave her daughter in such school?

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