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Teaxhers expected to receive their Covid-19 vaccines

Teaxhers are expected to recieve their Covid-19 jabs on Wednesday. Three hundred thousand Johnson and Johnson vaccine have already arrived with the rest expected to arrive later this week. eNCA's reporter Heidi Giokos has more#eNCA

Teachers are urged to be at school so the proscess can be rolled out correctly, but it is a staggering number of people. With ten days optimistic starget.and four to six hundred thousand teachers to be vaccinated.

Yes indeed and if you just look at the numbers only in Gauteng you will know that it is about a hundred and twenty five thousand staff members just in the basic educarion sector. Just in Gauteng province.

We dokniw that yeatarday when we spoke to Steve mabona from the Gauteng department of educarion indicating that they are going to first focus on vaccinating educators.

Which is about fifty five thousand innthe public space and just over nineteen thousands in the privare schools. So it its a big mo e and a big step interms of vacci ation rollout. eNCA's reporter Heidi Giokos filed this report Courtesy of #Dstv403 #eNCA

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