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Get Vaccinated And Stand A Chance To Win R100 000

Currently there is very high vaccine hesitancy. Many people not interested in getting the vaccine. This of course is for various reasons to the individuals.

The government has resorted to offering incentives so that people get vaccinated. Initially the government had offered hundred grocery vouchers but they have completely increase the price to a maximum of R100,000.

They have started an initiative that will Grant different prices on a weekly basis to individuals that get vaccinated.

The prices vary from just R1 000 to a shocking amount of R100 000 Rands. This plan is to get more people to get the vaccine or consider getting vaccinated.

The government's goal is to have as many people to get vaccinated so that the country can receive herd immunity. It is also said that was funds are from a donation.

Would you get vaccinated for a chance to win the prize that is being offered?

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