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South African Health Workers Are Getting Vaccinated Again, Here Is Why

Date: 09/11/21



If one remembers correctly they can identify that the health workers wear one of the first people to get vaccinated in South Africa. The Sisonkhe vaccine trial started with health workers back in March when they received their single Johnson and Johnson vaccine jabs. This later went to the public and now it is said that all health workers will need to get vaccinated again but this time there is a reason why.


It is reported that from Tuesday next week, health workers all across the country will be getting vaccinated again which means that they will be getting their second shots of Johnson and Johnson vaccine. What we can remember is that initially only one shot of the vaccine was supposed to be taken by the public but later on it was revealed that to increase safety of the people more vaccines must be taken.

These Vaccines come in what they call a booster shot which is supposed to increase the protection in the human body all the way up to 96%. This is why the government in South Africa decided to start with the health workers yet again. This means that after the health workers are done being vaccinated again they will pass the responsibility to the public.


South Africans and the rest of the world is not happy at all about this booster shots as they come from nowhere. They feel like in the future everyone will have to take more than one booster shot in order to keep their bodies safe from the virus. When the vaccination started there was no mentioning of a booster shot that might come this is why people are surprised that now we have to get vaccinated yet again. Not only will the people who got vaccinated with the Johnson and Johnson get the booster shot but even the people who got the Pfizer vaccine also might have to take it.

What is your take on the matter at hand? Are you ready to take the booster shot as well?

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