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Covid-19| The Country Is Finally Winning The fight Against The Virus, See Proof

Date: 14/10/21



It's been a rather stressful 2021 in South Africa all thanks to the coronavirus. This year alone the country spend almost 3 months in one of the harshest lockdown levels since the year began. All this however has finally ended as the country has moved to level 1 of the lockdown and it seems like things are getting better by the day.


There are multiple reasons why the country is currently winning the fight against the virus but the most convincing one is the recovery rate. As of the 14th of October, South Africa has a recovery rate of about 96%. This is a very high recovery rate given how many infections the country has had since the virus started. Over 2 million people have had the virus and as of the 14th, the country only has about 50 000 people infected. This is amazing. The graph below shows how the 3rd wave is almost flattened.

To put the recovery rate into perspective, a 96% recovery rate simply means that out of 100 people who get the virus, 96 of them recover. These are very great numbers especially at a time like this. The recovery rate means that that there is a 4% chance that a person could die from the virus. This gives people a breather.


The county is currently doing very well and the elections pose as a bit thread to ending the pandemic. There is a chance that the cases might go up again as soon as the elections end due to the fact that mass gatherings will be taking place. At the current moment South Africans can enjoy their freedom knowing very well the chances of getting the virus is less.

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