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As the festive season starts knocking on the door variants are also coming out. SA has a new variant

You will be forgiven for being confused about the behavior of the coronavirus. According to the scientists coronavirus is more active in winter as it is associated with flu viruses. But in South Africa the virus seems to be behaving in ways that are perplexing.

Last year at height of the festive season cases start climbing up rapidly reaching daily average of 20000. They were fueled by the arrival of the new variant called the Delta variant.

Just like clockwork the new variant has made landfall in South Africa just as the festive season start knocking on the door. Scientists in South Africa has discovered what they call a super variant.

Many are already fearing a hard lockdown like we saw last year on the 28th of December. Alcohol drinkers will be wise to stock up before the national coronavirus command council decides on the change in the alert level.


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