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If you feel headache right after waking up, Becareful of these things

Alot of things can happen while you are asleep. Many people are living with chronic conditions like high blood pressure and sugar diabetes. These two dreaded diseases have known to take people's lives while they are sleeping because when the body is relaxed during the night, there is possibility of blood pressure to drop below normal.

Some people their sugar levels can drop while they are sleeping during the night. If you are not lucky enough you can pass away during your sleep. That's why people who are living with this conditions are advised to to take their medication with care to avoid this complications while sleeping

Another factor that can cause unstable blood sugar levels is eating foods with alot of sugar before sleeping. If you eat junk food before going to bed you will cause your body to work under pressure as the body will be trying to balance your PH and the kidneys might end up failing to flush out the toxins from the body because you will not be drinking water since you are sleeping.

This will result in higher sugar levels early in the morning and cause headache or feeling drousy so its best to avoid foods with too much sugar before going to sleep. Practice good sleep hygiene by going to bed and waking up at the same time each day. Use your bed only for sleeping and not for other activities such as watching TV. Avoid heavy meals and stimulants such as alcohol, close to bedtime.

If you have poor sleep hygiene this could be a factor in having a headache when you wake up from a nap. If you are using the wrong pillow for your needs, your head and neck could be in uncomfortable positions leading to strained muscles and tension, resulting in a headache.

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