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The Husband Abandoned Them And Never Came Back - A Touching Story Of a Mother With Her Sick Daughter

A chronic progressive disease that inhibits the pumping capacity of the heart muscle is congestive heart failure (CHF).

CHF refers precisely to the stage in which fluid builds up inside the heart and causes it to pump inefficiently, while often referred to simply as heart failure.

You've got four chambers of the heart. The upper half of your heart consists of two atria, and there are two ventricles in the lower half of your heart.

The ventricles pump blood to the organs and tissues of your body, and your body collects blood from the atria as it circulates back from the rest of the body.

This lonely woman is blessed by a beautiful daughter called Olga Blessings. Blessings is her only daughter, who is only 6 years old. They all believed that she was pregnant once the little girl was seen by the media, but that is not how the case is.

In 2019, she was diagnosed with the disease, she started feeling so much abdominal pain at first until her stomach began to swell and rise in size. Blessing has a certain disease that is very deadly.

I couldn't believe what I saw, we rushed her to the hospital hurriedly, and she was hospitalized for a whole month. Finally, the doctors confronted me and asked if I had any idea of what my daughter was suffering.

I said not at all and the doctors answered that my daughter is suffering from congestive heart failure, he added that her heart valves have a defect that makes it open continuously, and this results in her stomach size swelling, the mother said.

Owing to her serious condition, Blessing still takes pills every day but amid all this, her stomach continues to increase in size. Blessing's mother said her husband left them in such a tough situation that he only went out once and never came back after seeing their daughter's condition getting worse. The man left her to struggle with her kids, and life has been more difficult for the woman since that day.

The condition of the girl is getting worse as her mother could not afford the medical services and treatments needed,

I've never seen my daughter suffer from any illness before, and she has continued to experience discomfort that usually keeps her from falling asleep. I have been living like this with her, and I have only faith in Heaven, said Blessing's mother.

Her contact with other kids has been disrupted by the girl's disease, she no longer plays with her age mates, she's always sitting here in the house and it's not always easy for her when sleeping.

She was told to provide her daughter with some other foodstuffs, but sadly she could not afford to stop feeding her foods with oil and others with little or no salt.

She lacks a job and this blessed her to drop out of school because her mother couldn't afford the basics, unless she was given care, she couldn't go to school.


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