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The President Made a Serious Mistake. Which may Bring us to 10000 cases a day

After a long absence, the president addressed the country yesterday. However, rather than making a big statement or closing down the country, as most people expected. Instead, he warned us about the dangers of the new Covid 19 variant and recommended us to be vaccinated. This, I feel, was a severe error. This is the reason.

Cases are on the rise again, and more individuals are becoming affected. So it seems to reason that we would expect action from our president. Instead, we received a warning. Aside from addressing us, he made no tangible adjustments to our lifestyle in an attempt to shield us from the virus. He instead left it to us, which is why I feel the instances will continue to rise and get much worse.

I believe that we have learned in recent months that many individuals in South Africa are vaccination apprehensive. That is, they feel the vaccination is either hazardous or is part of a conspiracy idea. I believe it will take more than a stirring speech to persuade these folks to take the vaccination.

I believe that this was the president's major error; he had the ability to make a meaningful difference and stop the virus before it started, but instead opted to warn people. I expect that by the time he decides to take action, which might be shortly, the number of instances will have increased significantly. According to some experts, the number of cases might reach 10 thousand every day.

As a result, it is up to you to protect yourself and take appropriate precautions. Act as if you are under a high degree of lockdown to avoid becoming infected. What are your thoughts on these observations? Let me know in the comments area, and stay tuned for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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