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How to make a Master Tonic: Natural Flu Antiviral

The Master Tonic is an absolute necessity have solution for influenza season or when voyaging abroad. It is powerfully against viral, hostile to parasitic, hostile to bacterial, and against contagious. It requires no refrigeration and endures endlessly with no exceptional stockpiling conditions.

This post subtleties how to make the Master Tonic and why it is so particularly compelling as a custom made, absolutely normal enemy of viral, against bacterial, hostile to contagious and against parasitic cure.

Note that the Master Tonic isn't to be mistaken for the Master Cleanse.

I put an enormous cutting board on my (cool!) burner and turn on the fan over the reach on high. This permits me to slash everything without distress.

Limiting Time Spent

I've as of late saw that sacks of natural, stripped, entire garlic cloves are accessible at some wellbeing food stores. Utilizing these as opposed to stripping the garlic yourself will effortlessly divide the time needed to make this conventional tonic. It will likewise keep your hands from possessing an aroma like garlic for 2 days!

Nightshade Allergy?

In the event that you have an allergy to nightshade vegetables, substitute ground turmeric pull for the cayenne pepper or get serious about the onion or garlic.

Video Tutorial

The video included with the formula underneath subtleties outwardly how to make the expert tonic and why it is so helpful. It is once in a while more straightforward to learn with pictures than words. This instructional exercise is particularly useful while you are in the kitchen making it interestingly. Simply track!


The dose for the Master Tonic is 1 or 2 ounces, at least twice every day. Wash and swallow.

Try not to weaken with water assuming that you can keep away from it. Blend in with food assuming you need to, yet best to take it original capacity all alone.

On the off chance that it makes you gag since it is solid tasting, take a stab at invigorating this acupressure highlight briefly end the gag reflex.

For normal diseases, a portion required 5-6 times each day will manage most conditions.

It tends to be utilized during pregnancies and is alright for youngsters (utilize more modest portions or blend in with some honey for kids over age 1). Not suggested for youngsters more youthful than age 1 except if under the counsel of a doctor.

It is a definitive food-as-medication. This conventional tonic is totally non-poisonous.

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Ace Tonic Recipe

The Master Tonic is an absolute necessity have solution for influenza season or when voyaging abroad. It is strongly against viral, hostile to parasitic, against bacterial, and hostile to contagious. It requires no refrigeration and keeps going endlessly with no extraordinary stockpiling conditions.

 Course Drinks

 Keyword home cure, tonic

 Prep Time 45 minutes

 Absolute Time 45 minutes

 Calories 15 kcal

 Author Sarah Pope MGA


1 cup fresh cleaved garlic preferably natural

1 cup fresh cleaved onion preferably natural

1 cup fresh ground ginger root preferably natural

1 cup fresh ground horseradish root preferably natural

1 cup fresh cleaved cayenne peppers or any hot peppers occasionally available preferably natural

1 quart raw apple juice vinegar

1 half gallon bricklayer container


Fill a half gallon glass bricklayer container 3/4 of the way full with equivalent parts by volume of the above new hacked and ground spices (1 cup each functions admirably). Wear gloves while hacking the hot peppers.

Fill container to the top with crude ACV. Close the top firmly and shake.

Shake in some measure once per day for a very long time, and afterward channel the Master Tonic combination through a perfect piece of material, container and name.

Ensure that when you make this tonic that you shake it each time you stroll by it, at least one time each day. Recall that every one of the spices and vegetables for the Master Tonic ought to be new and naturally developed if conceivable. Utilize dried spices just in a crisis.

Formula Video

Formula Notes

Utilize just new and ideally naturally developed spices in case conceivable as this will make the most strong and compelling Master Tonic. Substitute dried mass herbs only in a crisis assuming new is inaccessible.

Assuming one of the fixings isn't accessible (new horseradish is troublesome during specific seasons), then, at that point, substitute another hot pepper, for example, habanero.

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