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Working at home, away from people, can negatively affect mental health.

After the start of the pandemic many working individuals had to work from home in order to lower the infection rate. Working from home has been great for many especially family person's who couldn't get to spend much time with their families. The flexibility of working from became something enjoyable for a lot of people but is it bad for your mental health.It is over 2 years since the start of the pandemic, I mean to years is a lot to be lockdown while restrictions are looser than before, people now want to go back home because of the strain working from home puts on their mental health.

Working from home creates loneliness and isolation because you can't even bump into one of your coworkers and you mostly spend time alone.

It can also create a lot of unnecessary pressure which brings anxiety and stress into your life. This is because a lot of things can be expected from your and may find it difficult to balance work and your life.

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