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How To Feed The Brain During Exam Time

Forget about long hours without eating and fasting until lunchtime (unless you wake up in the middle of the day). It is important to eat every three hours during the test - says Teresa Branco. In this way, the brain always receives fuel and is favored by reason and memory. A graduate of Harvard University with a PhD in Weight Management, Fitness and Health Masters, and Lifestyle, Clinic Director Theresa Branco is the right person to tell you how to eat at this stage (an important part of academic life).

 Test preparation stage

 It is advisable to take vitamin and mineral supplements and omega 3 supplements daily. These supplements make it easier for the brain to paint and learn and remember.

 Sleep is also important, seven to eight hours of sleep is recommended. It is good to not forget regular exercise, which not only relieves anxiety and stress, but also promotes study productivity.

 Recovery from school night

 It is important to water properly after a bad night's sleep. For non-hypertensive people, drinking 3 quarts of salt water may be a good option. Low glycemic index foods such as whole grain bread, protein, brown rice and unpeeled fruits are now good options to nourish your mind. This time the fish is one of the best partners.Your fat seems to be associated with good thinking.

 Test eve

 Avoid light sugar and highly concentrated foods (white bread, crackers, etc.). These foods lower blood sugar and make you tired faster. Choose soft foods such as whole grain bread, brown rice or vegetable mixed rice. And don't forget to try foods such as bananas, nuts, turkey or eggs to keep you calm for the next day.

 Test day

 You need to focus on water and all the good foods mentioned above. It is very important not to eat sweets before entering the room, especially if the test takes more than 60 minutes. The chances of losing power in the middle of the test are very high, which makes it difficult to reason.

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